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Misha is an avid traveller, adventurous risk-taker, naturalistic observer, wildlife enthusiast and passionate artist. Misha is an Internationally recognized award-winning photographer with numerous sold out exhibitions in Canada, Europe and Asia. She recently received an honorable mention in 3 categories at the International Photographer of the Year Awards. Misha  has also been active with International conservation initiatives such as Save Wild Tigers, Sumatran Wildlife Sanctuary, Artbound, Photographers Without Borders, Creative Deeds, Special Children Society of Ampang and Good Shepherd.

Misha is currently working on a 3 part series titled, "A Displaced Pendulum & Cultural Views on Equilibrium.” Part one of this series explores Nature, Conservation and Sustainability, which has taken her on a two year photo expedition throughout SE Asia.

Misha’s latest metal art titled “Kumbha”, was sold as a Wild Card in the Live Auction at the Savoy Hotel Gala Dinner in England. She was auctioned alongside art legends that can be found in the private collections of Rihanna, Elton John, Kelly Osbourne, Alexander McQueen and the Amy Winehouse foundation. Misha’s limited edition fine art metal print received a winning bid by Tunku (Princess) Myra at the Majestic Hotel in Malaysia and proceeds from her Search of Sublime series exhibition at the JW Marriot in Kuala Lumpur, were donated to Special Children Society of Ampang and Good Shepherd.

Some of Misha’s highlights include being face-to-face with the gentle eyes of the Silverback in Rwanda, shooting the Great Migration during an epic hailstorm in the Ngorongoro Crater and documenting the trance-like state of devotees paying penance to Lord Murugan. One of her latest expeditions took her to Myanmar, where she disappeared in the lost quarters of the archaeological zone, capturing monks preparing candlelight ceremonies in ancient and abandoned temples. This was followed by a research trip to the jungles of Borneo, where she documented the endangered Orangutans. This is a project she wishes to pursue further in hopes to raise awareness of what has been labeled as a crime against humanity.

You can follow her on a Photo Expedition through Asia on her BLOG

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